The following are basic starting prices for therapy. If you are needing additional work, costs will be discussed before charge.


Initial Treatment: $150.00

Please allow up to 90 minutes for treatment, so that we may get a full sense of your health history.

Follow up treatments:

$110.00 for one hour

$130.00 for 75 minutes

$150.00 for 90 minute sessions (for those needing focus on multiple areas/more hands on work)


30 minute session: $55.00


Tuina is given at no charge as part of acupuncture sessions. The prices below are for full Tuina sessions.

One hour sessions: $105.00

90 minute bodywork sessions: $140.00

Herbal Consultation

The price of acupuncture treatments includes herbal consultation. The following prices are for Consultation without herbal treatment and do not include the cost of the herbs themselves (usually $10 – $20 per week)

Consultation: $40.00 (herbs/oils extra) – appointments last 15-20 minutes

Children (12 and under)

Initial Treatment: $70.00 – up to 45 min

Follow up treatments: $55.00 – up to 30 minutes

Treatments will usually be done within a half an hour (45 minutes tops, if your child is willing). Treatment can be done with acupuncture (kids do actually like it!), or just acupressure.

Are you interested in treatment for the whole family? Contact me to inquire about family package pricing.

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